Tuesday, February 28, 2012

How To Organize a Thematic Kiddie Party

Thematic parties are fab!  But they don't just happen in a snap of a finger.  Planning thematic kiddie parties will require organizational skills; however, it is not as tedious as some think it is.  It just requires imagination and passion. 

Here are some tips you can employ to organize that thematic kiddie party that your child and his/her friends will truly enjoy and remember.  

1.  Think of  a possible theme.  For Kiddie parties, you may consider your child's favorite character as a   possible theme.  You may also consider party themes that are currently in trend. 

2.   Send a thematic invitation.  If you would like your guests to come in costumes, it is ideal that you give out your invites at least 1 week before your party to enable your guests to prepare.  Invitations may be paper invitations or e-invites. 

3.  Dress-up your venue.  You've got to let your guests feel the theme by "dressing-up" your venue.  
There are a lot of ways to "dress-up" your venue.  You can utilize entrance arcs, standees, stage backdrop or balloons to emphasize the theme of the party.  

4.  Make all other elements look "cohesive."  If budget permits, it's ideal if you can "link" all other elements of the party like cake, give-aways, entertainment, fun games and prizes to your theme. 

5.  Use music.  Music can also elicit a specific ambiance to your party.  Say, you're doing a "Disney Party," you can play Disney music all throughout the party and during the games. 

6.  Get mascots.  Let the characters come alive!  This will definitely perk up your guests.  

7.   Get a photo booth with a thematic template for photo souvenirs. 

With these tips, organizing a thematic kiddie part is a breeze!  For worry-free thematic parties from planning to execution, you can rely on Harlequin Balloons and Party Specialists to save the day.  Visit

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